Wise men say, only fools rush in.  I hope I’m not the fool here, but I don’t think so.  The rumour mill has been going a bit crazy today – possibly with good reason.

We all know the story with Tom Wotherspoon.  His pet project never worked out so he’s gone, leaving our old friend Jim Ballantyne at the helm of the S.S. Nowhere.

Now, I’m not in the boardroom.  I’m not in the meetings.  I’m not even in the same country.


I do have a bit of the mystic in me.  Sometimes I just know what’s maybe going to happen in the future or past.  So let me try and break down what the future is going to hold for Airdrie.

Wotherspoon’s wallet dries up

“Oor Tom” isn’t going to be paying his way for too much longer, although public record seems to state otherwise.  Word on the street is that Tom has said not another penny is going into the club.  Sorry, word on the street is that a third party associated with Tom said that Tom is not putting another penny into the club.  Let’s get things right on the off-chance he decides to try and sue the money out of my empty pocket.  I guess we shouldn’t expect much from the guy who allegedly promised EWB a place at the club or, at the very least, a salary, following his illness.  Don’t think anyone’s going to be shocked here if/when this comes/came true.

Ballantyne buckles

I’ve no personal issue with Jim, but he’s going to show himself in a bad light here.  Mystic Gav says he’ll question both the cashflow and solvency of the club, maybe even contacting sponsors to confirm his fears and to let them know he’s now unwilling to accept further contributions due to the club’s precarious position.  Maybe he contacts the trust to say the same thing.  Maybe he then contacts them again, asking for ten grand or so to help out the 30k wage bill.  I don’t think that this has already definitely happened.

Ballantyne balks

There is the potential for a situation in which the Ballantynes are offered a substantial cash injection to help with running costs.  This may or may not have definitely happened and may or may not have been definitely declined by said parties.  I don’t really want to dwell on this part since Chairman Jim’s potential actions above say a lot about the way he wants to go through this difficult period for the club, but yeah, he may or may not definitely reject an offer for his shares.  You’re welcome.

Ballantyne bails

The last prediction is that having rejected offers of investment and being rejected by the trust, Jim bails, leaving the goose egg that is the Airdrie chairmanship behind him.  I don’t want to speculate (although I’ve been doing that so far, wink wink, nudge nudge) but I could foresee the Supporters’ Trust heading up a consortium, of sorts, to perhaps buy out Mr. Ballantyne’s stake in the club.  Possibly even “oor Tom’s”.  Who knows?

I’m less sure about this possibility – possibly because it definitely isn’t definitely happening, unlike the rest of my predictions which have maybe definitely maybe happened.  If it is on the cards though, it’ll take a massive amount of capital to take any sort of share of the club – a share that it’ll be difficult for the trust to raise, so who really knows.

Round Up

If you don’t know what’s been going on through this then seek help or a smarter pal who can help you.  What matters though is that we have a serious problem.  A crisis, not of leadership, but of ownership.

I’ve seen the word insolvency on a number of correspondences I’ve received from a number of fans.

But there’s no need to panic – at least not yet.  If all of this comes to pass, there’s still hope for the club in the Trust and those potential investors that may yet bid for us.

Wotherspoon’s ideal is a dead dream.  The Ballantynes have gone stale.

Let’s hope for something new.


*Any possible things that may have possible happened already are unknown to me.  I accept no responsibility for the inability of management/ownership to control their future/past actions*